Test knitting Rum Daisy

Draper shawl 1

Another beautiful test knit for the incomparable Thea Coleman 🙂  The lace pattern on this one is beautiful, and I love the shape – it fits perfectly across my shoulders and around my neck.  Thea’s use of short rows to give it shape and structure is really clever.  I felt like I started slowly, because unlike most shawls (where you start with just a few stitches and it builds from there), this pattern starts with the full length across the bottom, so it’s a lot of stitches per row!  However, the lace pattern kept it interesting, and I found that if I paced myself by setting a goal for a certain number of rows every day, it felt doable.  In fact, I finished in less than two weeks – it really speeds up once you get to the stockinette section.

Pattern:  Rum Daisy by Thea Coleman of BabyCocktails

Yarn:  Lakes Yarn & Fiber silk single fingering (70% superwash merino, 30% silk) – one skein of Prehnite (used for lace portion of the pattern) and one skein of Ridgeline (used for stockinette portion) (435 yds/ea)

Needles:  US 6s

Draper shawl 2

Mods:  I skipped the last four rows of the last repeat in the big lace section – as it turned out, I would have had more than enough Prehnite yarn, but I had already reached the target length of 5-5 1/2″ and I was ready to move on to stockinette!

Also, I didn’t knit the last lace section – the smallest, near the neck – in Prehnite, but instead stayed with Ridgeline – I thought it would end up looking too “stripey” to have another section of the contrast color.

Draper shawl 3

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