Mugs of the day: speckled glaze and cinnamon clay

speckled mugs 1

I’ve been playing around with a particular shape for my mugs – kind of square and squat, ready sturdy-looking, I think.  I’ve had good results with Mayco Speckled Stroke & Coat Glazes – these are glazed in Speckled Cotton Tail, Moody Blue, and The Blues.

speckled mugs 2

I wanted to see how these glazes and this shape would look in a different clay.  I thought that this cinnamon color would be a little more, well, rustic.  This is Georgie’s Pioneer Dark.  At first, it was incredibly difficult to throw with because it has a lot of sand and grog in it, so it tended to really tear my hands apart.  But I got better with a lighter touch, and I’m really happy with how it’s coming out, now.

speckled mugs 3

I like how the cinnamon color of the clay shows through along the edges of the mug – particularly when it’s glazed in Cotton Tail.  The glaze is poured inside the cups, but then brushed on (2-3 coats) on the outside, since I don’t have near enough to set it up for dipping.

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4 comments on “Mugs of the day: speckled glaze and cinnamon clay

  1. Those are gorgeous! Will you be selling them?

    • onblueberryhill

      May 1, 2015 at 1:36 pm Reply

      Yes! I have a big batch of this style and glaze going into the kiln today, and should have them posted for sale by next week :)

  2. Are you selling the mugs yet?

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