Laundry room remodel

laundry room remodel 1

Beautiful end result for our laundry room remodel!

laundry room remodel 2
New tile floor, undercounter washer and dryer, and farm sink
laundry room remodel 3
Cobalt glass knobs custom made by Uneek Glass Fusions
laundry room remodel 4
Countertop made from recycled glass bottles, with an understated backsplash
laundry room remodel 5
Extra storage and counter space, and a new “corner storage system” for kids’ shoes, coats, backpacks, and gloves/hats
laundry room remodel 6
Gorgeous storage cubby handcrafted by my talented friend out of roughcut boards – wrought iron hooks found on Etsy
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2 comments on “Laundry room remodel

  1. I love the cobalt, the room looks fantastic – and all of the storage!!! The cubby is beautiful.

  2. This is just the pecfert answer for all of us

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