Oregon Rain mugs for sale

I haven’t had a chance to get anything posted in my Etsy shop yet, but if you’re interested in buying an Oregon Rain mug (or bowl), here’s how:

Cost:   Handleless cups – $10.00 (+ $2.50 shipping) (you can purchase these as candles for an extra $5)
Mugs – $15.00 (+ $3.50 shipping) or two for $30 (inc shipping)
Bowls – $20.00 (+ $4.50 shipping) or two for $40 (inc shipping)

How:  Via Paypal (andrea.hungerford@mac.com)

Specify:  (1) Cinnamon or White Salmon clay; (2) Thunder, Rainstorm, Mist, or Cloudcover colors; (3) mug, handleless cup, or bowl, and (4) how many

You can see more photos of some of the mugs here.  I’m just testing the waters to see if there are folks out there interested in purchasing these hand thrown mugs, so I would love your feedback!

cinnamon mugs
Cinnamon bowl and mugs from left: Cloudcover (bowl and mugs), Thunder, Mist, and Rainstorm
White Salmon mugs
White Salmon mugs from left: Cloudcover, Rainstorm, Mist, and Thunder
handleless cups
White Salmon handless cups from left: Thunder, Cloudcover, and Rainstorm
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One comment on “Oregon Rain mugs for sale

  1. Very pretty! Love the colors and the patterns on them too.

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