Summer Moon

Summer Moon 1

Wow, this is gorgeous – and huge!  I finally found the perfect use for my Plucky pinks gradient 🙂

Pattern:  Summer Moon

Yarn:  Plucky Bello (55% merino, 45% cashmere) (380 yds per skein)
CC1 – Wintery Mix (1 1/2 skeins)
CC2 – Bashful (36g)
CC3 – Rouge (32g)
CC4 – Blush (43g)
CC5 – Power Ballad (27g)
CC6 – Rose (36g)

Needles:  US 6s

I knit this in just a little over a week, really cranking on it – the first rows seem to take forever, since there’s initially over 500 stitches per row!  But, the changing colors keeps it interesting and it moves faster as you decrease stitches and your rows get shorter.  It’s huge – over 80″ long – but very lightweight.  I’m not sure that I could actually wrap it up enough to wear it just around my neck, but it’s lovely wrapped around my shoulders and then crossed over in the front.

Summer Moon 2

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