Cutting garden begins to bloom

This year, I developed a new area of our property into a cutting garden, using as guidance an article in Sunset Magazine about perennials and annuals that work well for cut flower arrangements. This first year, I’m growing as many varieties as I could find in kind of a “pilot program,” to see what fares well (and most of all, what isn’t eaten by the deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc that seem to gobble down everything I plant here!)

Inspired by the idea of learning to arrange flowers beyond my usual – a vase of dahlias, a vase of roses, a vase of gladiolas (you get the idea!) – I’ve been walking around my yard a few mornings each week, cutting anything I find that I think might work well together in an arrangement.  In addition to the usual cut flowers, I’ve tried to add other points of interest, such as the flowering tops of onion plants, the blooms of cilantro that has bolted, or the leaves of a smokebush.  So far, I’m really pleased with the results.

flower arrangement 1

This beautiful pink and white arrangement uses phlox, delphinium, gooseneck, and onion tops gone to flower.

flower arrangement 2

This arrangement is smaller, but I like the varying heights of the flowers, which include dahlias, coneflowers, delphinium, phlox, and flowering onion tops.


Of course sometimes you can’t beat the impact of a single variety en masse – especially when that variety is as gorgeous as this hydrangea!

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  1. What beautiful arrangements!

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