Whispering Island shawl

Whispering Island shawl 1

This soft and beautiful shawl knit up quickly, in less than a week, with Local Color Fiber Studio’s new yarn, from their own sheep and angora rabbits raised on Bainbridge Island.  The yarn is 85% Finnsheep wool and 15% German Angora.  I used every yarn of two skeins (200 yds/ea) to knit Whispering Island Shawl from Curious Handmade.  I used the recommended US 8s, even though the yarn was sport weight (instead of the DK weight used in the pattern).  As a result, the already-soft yarn is even softer and has a wonderful drape.

Whispering Island shawl 2

The angora gives the FO a lovely halo and the shape of the shawl fits perfects around my neck and shoulders.  Because I used a slightly smaller gauge yarn, the shawl turned out perhaps a tad bit smaller than the original, but its fit is perfect for a cool summer evening, and it is unbelievably light – it almost feels like you’re wearing spun gossamer around your shoulders!




Whispering Island shawl 3

I have two skeins of this wonderful yarn left in my stash, so I’m making them available as a giveaway – just the perfect amount to knit Whispering Island Shawl, or many other beautiful shawl, mitt, or hat patterns out there to choose from!  If you’d like to enter, please leave a comment for a random drawing on July 8th.  I’m excited to get to share such a beautiful yarn and help support local, American-grown and processed farm yarns like this one!

finnsheep/angora yarn

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9 comments on “Whispering Island shawl

  1. Oh! This is beautiful! I love a soft, lightweight shawl. What a lovely drawing!

  2. This is so lovely! Thank you for the chance. Looks like gorgeous yarn.
    (gardenknittr on ravelry)

  3. That is beautiful! I love the color.

  4. This is such a beautiful shawl on you. The pictures are wonderful I can almost feel how soft the yarn is through my screen. I would love to make a shawl with this yarn

  5. I have the pattern and have been looking for the perfect yarn. This is it! I would love to work this yarn with the Whispering Island Shawl. Beautiful!
    PS: I could use a little “halo” these days….

  6. LOVE this shawl and the drape you succeeded in achieving with sport-weight yarn and size 8 needles. I hope to have a chance at knitting it myself. Regards, Ruth

  7. beautiful shawl and the yarn color is a good pick

  8. hope I’m not too late for the drawing. A friend of mine raises Finn sheep and plans to make yarn out of the fleece. I’m really curious what the yarn is like!

  9. Yarn and pattern great combination!
    asteride on Ravelry

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