Madder shawl


Madder shawl 1

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Camellia Fiber Company’s yarn – it’s soft, but has good structure and spring, and the natural dyes have produced the most beautiful tonal colors!  Camellia is a small-batch, independent dyer located in Nashville, and it’s not easy to get your hands on some, but it’s well worth the effort.

Madder shawl 2

This yarn is 100% merino aran, naturally dyed with madder.  I used every bit of two skeins (180 yds/ea) and knit my second Pure shawl from cabinfour.  Its simplicity, coupled with the variety of stitch patterns, lets the beauty of the yarn take center stage.  I ran out of yarn three rows before completion, but it didn’t make any real difference – I just bound off on the WS and blocked it pretty aggressively.  It opened up nicely, and now is the perfect size to drape around my shoulders or wrap once around my neck.

Madder shawl 3

I went up one needle size, to US 9s, because I wanted less of a solid fabric and more drape.  I think I could have even used US 10s, but I’m happy with the results from the US 9s.

Camellia Fiber Company places a small batch of yarn up for sale on their website about once a month, and I will definitely be in line to get some more!  In fact, you should see the gorgeous indigo-dyed skeins that just arrived in the mail . . .

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