Cormo shawl

Cormo shawl 1

This is wonderful yarn, a limited edition run only available through Gauge + Tension – it’s G+T Cormo Sportweight, and I wish you could feel it through the photos!  It’s tightly spun so it’s bouncy and very lively, and just the right balance between soft and crisp (I feel like I’m describing a wine 🙂  I love the cool natural undyed color – a very natural-feeling white.  It feels authentic, if that makes sense – like there isn’t that much distance between the sheep produced the wool and the finished product.

Cormo shawl 2

I knit size medium on US 7s, and used only 1 1/2 skeins – probably because each skein has a generous 410 yards.  The pattern is Pebble Beach Shawl by Curious Handmade, and it’s a lovely, easy-to-memorize lace pattern comprised mostly of yarn-overs.  By the end, I was anxious to finish – it feels like it’s taking a long time when there’s almost 400 stitches in every row!  But overall, it was an enjoyable knit and I think it shows off this yarn nicely.

Cormo shawl 3

The long crescent shape of the shawl makes it easy to throw over your shoulders or wrap around your neck.  I’m hoping to get a lot of use out of this one this fall, when I need something to go with short sleeved tops and summer lightweight dresses.

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