Fireside socks

fireside socks 1

When it’s yet another hot and sultry August day around here, my mind speeds ahead to cold winter nights in front of the fire, and to cozy wool socks!

Pattern:  Hyak Socks

Yarn:  1 skein Cestari 2-ply worsted weight (100% wool) in natural medium grey (MC) and 1/3 skein Heirloom (100% American Romney) in Red Tomato

Needles:  US 4s and 5s dpns

Size:  medium / 9″ total foot length (a perfect fit for my size 8 foot) – I knit the leg 7″ (instead of 6″ as called for in the pattern), and still had a comfortable amount of yarn left over – any higher would be too tight on my calf, and leave me without enough yarn to spare.

fireside socks 2

The yarn feels pretty crunchy while you’re knitting with it – not in a bad way, I really enjoy that authentic wooly feel – but I wondered what it would feel like when I was wearing it on my feet.  After a thorough wet blocking, the socks feel yummy and warm, not the least bit itchy – particularly the Cestari, which seems to retain a little bit of lanolin.  After pulling these on, I can see why wool socks are the perfect cold weather accessory!

fireside socks 3


fireside socks 4

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  1. I’m making Kim’s Hyak socks, too. I’ve just started the 2nd one. I was wondering how this yarn was after washing, so thanks for the update =-) Yours are aDORable in the orange!

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