Oatmeal socks

oatmeal socks 1

Yarn:  2 skeins (181 yds/ea) of Quince & Co Chickadee in color Audouin – this yarn is 100% American wool, and it must be very tightly plied, because it was really springy!  As a result, it feels wonderful to knit with, and even nicer on my feet.  My only worry is how it will wear – because it’s tightly plied, it should wear well, but without any nylon in it, I wonder how it will hold up over time in socks.

oatmeal socks 2

Pattern:  Irish Oat socks by cabinfour – I made no modifications to this pattern and knit on the recommended US 3s.  This was the perfect sock pattern for me, because it has a little bit of nice detail in a simple cable, but not so much that it really slowed me down or couldn’t be memorized.  Plus, I find that there’s a lot of difference (in terms of my patience) in knitting socks in sport weight, as opposed to fingering weight – it moves so much faster (I finished both socks in three days), and I like socks that are a little thicker, anyway.

oatmeal socks 3

The only change I would make if I knit these again is I would make them at least an inch – if not two inches – longer at the cuffs (I knit the foot length to 7.5″ before starting the toe decreases, which is the perfect foot length for me).  I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough yarn, but I had over 30 grams left when I was done, so I could have easily added a few inches to each.

oatmeal socks 4

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2 comments on “Oatmeal socks

  1. I been following your blog for sometime now and just love it. You’ve given me so much inspiration ! I very impressed on how fast you knit. I’ve really kicked mine up notch I also have used your ideas on seeing my own clothes and of course your duvets.
    I have a question on the Irish oat sock pattern specifically on the heel flap I’m not sure if it’s a misprint
    It says to knit row 2 and row 3 then k row and a purl row then the k an p row x 10 = 14 to me but patter says it would be 24 rows.

    Was just wondering since you’ve knitted the socks what you did
    Thank you !

    • I got a total of 24 rows as follows:
      #1 – Set Up Row 2
      #2 – Set Up Row 3
      #3 – Row 1
      #4 – Row 2
      #5-24 – repeat Rows 1 and 2 10 more times (totaling 20)

      I hope that makes sense – good luck, Irish Oats is a great sock pattern!

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