Swans Island shawl

Swans Island shawl 1

I picked up these skeins of Swans Island Worsted this summer, when I was lucky enough to get to visit the Swans Island home office during our trip to the coast of Maine.  I had absolutely no idea what to knit with them at the time, but they looked so beautiful together, I couldn’t resist.

Swans Island shawl 2

I thought that cabinfour’s simple but lovely Nordic Wind pattern showed off both the individual colors, and how lovely they look together.  I added the stripes at the color transitions, per the idea of one fellow Raveler.  I knit up the shawl on US 9s, which gives it the perfect drape.  This would be the ideal shawl to throw over my shoulders at home on a chilly evening, it’s like wrapping up in a blanket!

Swans Island shawl 3

Even though the shawl is good-sized, I still have plenty of each skein left over.  The skeins are 250 yds/ea, and the colors are (from the shawl’s top):  Teal, Oatmeal, Sky Blue, and Natural.  I hate for good yarn to go unused, so if anyone would like the leftovers for a project – definitely enough to make a colorwork hat or mitts! – just drop me a line and I’d be happy to send it your way for free 🙂

ETA:  Yarn has been claimed!

Swans Island yarns

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2 comments on “Swans Island shawl

  1. Hi, I love the shawl pattern and the way you used the “ocean” colors. I have some 50% merino/50% silk in these same shades, but variegated and/or tonal and wondered if this much silk will weigh down the shawl too much with all that drape??????? Thanks and look to hear from you.

    • I don’t think it would at all – it’s a pretty substantial wrap, but not at all weighty, and still easily wrapped around the shoulders or neck, and I think the same would be true with the 50% silk content. Sounds beautiful!

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