Summer stripes pullover

Summer stripes pullover 1

Wow, can Jill Draper dye some spectacular colors!  I thought this made a great end-of-summer piece to pull over jean cutoffs when the weather started to cool down a little.

summer stripes sweater 4

Pattern:  High Tide (worsted version)

Size:  40″

Needles:  US 8s and US 7s

Yarn:  Jill Draper’s Hudson – 3 skeins Blue Bell and 2 skeins Bottle

Summer stripes pullover 2


summer stripes sweater 6

I knit the length to 16″ before splitting for the sleeves and yoke.  The sleeves are really big – accentuated by the dolman style – I picked up approximately 90 stitches to start, and then began the decreases halfway through the second color stripe.  From that point on, I decreased every 6 rounds until I got to 64 sts.

Summer stripes pullover 3

I’m not sure how I feel about the dolman sleeves, I think they make the sweater look a little too bulky – and the colors are REALLY bright!  It’s funny how sometimes I can’t decide whether I like something or not . . . I think this one looks best worn with jean shorts and flip flops, a brightly colored accept to a day at the beach 🙂

summer stripes sweater 5

I’ve still got two skeins of Blue Bell, three skeins of Bottle (one caked), and one skein of Celadon left, if anyone’s interested – they’re posted for sale on my Raillery stash here.

Hudson yarn

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One comment on “Summer stripes pullover

  1. What a flattering fit! If the sleeves are bulky, it’s not showing in the photos. Looks like the perfect sweater for the transition to Fall-love the colors, too.

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