Lark Tees

Lark tee 1

This is a really great sewing project – just make sure you’re using a jersey needle and a knit/stretch/small zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.  There’s only three pattern pieces – front, back, and sleeves – and then the binding for the neck and sleeves.  The neck binding may appear really small at first, but it’s important to stretch it VERY tightly around the neckline – this is what keeps the neckline from hanging poorly or gapping open when it’s done.

Pattern:  Lark Tee by Grainline – I sewed the scoop neckline / long sleeve option

Fabric:  Alabama Chanin organic cotton jersey – 2 yards each of colors Sky Blue and Brunette

Size:  14

Lark tee 2

Mods:  I cut 1/4″ off the sleeves before the 3/4″ hem, and I cut the bottom of the shirt at 18 1/4″ from underarm seam before the 3/4″ hem (which meant I cut off at least 2-3″ – it would have been WAY too long).

What I like about this pattern is how it’s got such a flattering silhouette – with just a little bit of shaping in the body, combined with the knit fabric, you get a really attractive fit.  I’ve got knit fabric in three more colors, just waiting to become Lark tees . . .

Lark tee 3

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  1. So excited! I actually ordered a sewing pattern again after all these years. I just love the comfy way it looks on you and is exactly the way i dress. I can’t believe I might actually make myself a garment. It’s, literally, been 20 years or more since I’ve even been inclined. I love your blog. So often your projects and posts speak to me. Thanks!

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