Marled PK hat

PK marled hat 1

Pattern:  PK Marled hat

Yarn:  The Plucky Knitter Traveler Aran in Papier and Scholar in Magnet & Steel (one skein each – plenty left over) – knit double-stranded

Needles:  US 7s (ribbing on brim) and US 10 1/2s

PK marled hat 2

This was a fun way to play with colors and bases, but I’m not that crazy about the pattern.  First, knitting these two worsted / heavy worsted yarns double-stranded on US 10 1/2s makes for a very thick fabric – I’d be inclined to go up a few needle sizes next time (and down on the number of cast-on stitches) to make the fabric feel a little softer.

Second, I thought the hat turned out huge – the brim isn’t as tight as I’d like it to be, and the body of the hat is big and floppy. It’s like it can’t tell if it wants to be a tight-fitting beanie (which is the shape of it) or a flopped-over toque (which is how it ends up fitting).

Finally, I don’t like the finishing instructions – on the pattern, you just knit to 9 inches and then cut the yarn, run a strand through all of the live stitches, and cinch tight.  I physically couldn’t get the yarn to do that because of the heaviness of double-stranded worsted yarn and the idea of cinching up approximately 100 stitches.  So, I went back and knit a few more rounds of K2tog all the way around, until the number of stitches was reduced to a more manageable number.  I still don’t think it makes for a very attractive fit, because it goes from big to cinched-up so quickly, but at least I was able to actually cinch the hole closed.

So, notes for next time:  (1) bigger needles, (2) smaller number of cast-on stitches, and (3) more shaping at the top.

PK marled hat 3

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