Swatch Pots

yarn plates 1

I’m experimenting with combining my two favorite pastimes: ¬†knitting and pottery ūüôā ¬†I’m starting with small plates textured with knitting swatches. ¬†They’re all limited edition, because the swatches wear out pretty quickly. ¬†This first batch is made from Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, in stockinette stitch on US 7s.

swatch plates 2

This is definitely a work in progress – I’m still trying to figure out what size and shape works best, and how to get the cleanest impression of the swatches. ¬†For a first try, though, I’m pretty happy with how clear the impression is and how the glaze shows off the texture.

swatch plates 3

I haven’t yet tried other stitches – maybe cables, or seed stitch? ¬†It’s surprisingly hard to get a good, clean impression of the pattern, so I’m not sure how well other stitch patterns will take. ¬†The interesting thing is that it’s not the actual pattern – rather, it’s the reverse – since what sticks out in the swatch is impressed in on the plate, and vice versa. ¬†As a result, it changes up the look of the stitch.

swatch plates 5

I think they’re the perfect size and shape for holding just about anything – including knitting notions! ¬†And, because of the size and curve of the plate and the fact that the texture isn’t too overly exaggerated, they could easily be used as actual plates, as well.

swatch plates 4

swatch plates 6

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  1. Lovely! I just love the texture!

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