Fringe Hatalong

Seathwaite 1

My first entry for this month’s Fringe Hatalong:

Pattern:  Seathwaite

Seathwaite 2

Yarn:  I intended to buy Cumbria, the beautiful yarn featured in the pattern, but I was seduced by Bumblebirch Forage, beautifully dyed by a local indie dyer right here in Portland.  The yarn is 220 yards of superwash merino in color Cranberry.

Needles:  US 4s (brim) and US 6s

Seathwaite 3

I really enjoyed knitting this pattern – the cables are fun and interesting, and although it takes a little longer than I originally anticipated because of the 4″ of ribbed brim, it never got boring or tedious.  I’m tempted to knit another in Cumbria . . .

Seathwaite 4

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