Camellia blanket

Camellia blanket 1

This blanket was conceived for the sole purpose of giving me an excuse to knit with more of Camellia Fiber Company’s gorgeous naturally dyed yarns!  This yarn is Targhee superbulky handspan – I used one of each of the colored skeins and three of the undyed skeins (they are approx. 50 yards each).  The colors are:   Avocado (dyed with indigo and fustic), Shell (dyed with madder root), Creamsicle (dyed with madder root), and Sky (dyed with saxon indigo).

I simply cast on 50 sts and knit each row in garter stitch on US 17s.  After consulting with Rebekah (the genius behind Camellia Fiber Company), I decided not to block it, because I love how the thick-and-thin yarn has created such a beautiful bumpy texture.  It’s the perfect size for a stroller blanket – 27″ x 31″ – and very warm but oh-so lightweight!

Camellia blanket 2

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