Out of the ashes . . .

summer PJs 1

I have a years-old pair of organic cotton summer pajamas from Garnet Hill that I have literally loved to death.  Inspired by their simple design (and the fact that they’re not available anymore), I decided to cut them apart to create a pattern for new PJs.  The process was incredibly simple:

  1.  Cut apart PJs and trace on pattern tracing paper.  Since I wanted the new pair to be a little smaller, I didn’t worry about adding in any seam allowance (although I did add in an allowance for hemming the top and the pants legs, and for the elastic waistband).

summer PJs 3

  1. Find similar fabric – I needed something that was very lightweight – this lawn/voile fabric from Modern Domestic did the trick nicely.

summer PJs 2

  1. Cut out pattern and sew.  The two pant pieces were identical (there really isn’t a front or back), but the top and back are slightly different, so I cut them out separately.  I made my own bias tape from the fabric to trim out the neck and armholes of the top, and to create the spaghetti straps.  I used 1″ elastic for the waistband.  I even kept the small touch of the vents on the sides of the top.

I love it!  I’ll likely get similar fabric and make a few more pairs of PJs over the course of the summer.

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