Silver Gin Fizz cowl

silver gin fizz cowl 1

I wish you could feel this cowl – the yarn is unbelievably soft, yet still retains all of its “sheepiness!”  This is one of those projects that is really difficult to photograph well, because it’s the feel of the cowl – its texture, its squishiness, how it snuggles around your neck – that makes it so special.

silver gin fizz cowl 2

As usual, I LOVED working with Camellia Fiber Company’s yarn – this is 3 skeins (100 yds/ea) of CFC Handspun BFL Aran.  The pattern is Silver Gin Fizz by Thea Coleman of Baby Cocktails.  I went up a needle size, to US 10s, because the yarn is a little thicker than the usual aran weight.

CFC handspun BFL aran yarn

I didn’t get in near as many repeats as the pattern calls for – not enough yarn – but I would have stopped where I did anyway, even if I had yarn to spare, because it’s just the perfect width.  I don’t like cowls that I feel like I’m drowning in 🙂

silver gin fizz cowl 3

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