Mandarine shawl

Mandarine shawl 1

Beautiful yarn, and a fun pattern to knit – if felt a little slow in the middle, but overall, I thought it went quickly and kept me interested.

Pattern:  Storm Door by The Plucky Knitter

Yarn:  Mandarine’s Alpaca Merino DK (naturally dyed with madder) – 2 1/2 skeins (290 yds/ea)

Needles:  US 6s

Mandarine shawl 2

I found this yarn via Instagram, following a wonderful hand dyer who lives in Latvia, of all places.  I love how Instagram makes the world seem so much smaller – that is, it puts makers and hand crafters in close contact with each other, so that I can appreciate, enjoy and support the work of someone halfway around the world!  As different as we are, there are so many similarities in what we love and what we find meaningful that connect us.

Mandarine shawl 3

Mandarine shawl 4

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