Superbulky Fig pullover

superbulky fig 1

I’ve never tried knitting a sweater out of superbulky thick/thin yarn before – it’s really more of an oddity than a fashion statement, but it is amazingly warm and light, and definitely an attention-getting piece!

superbulky fig 2

The yarn is Camellia Fiber Company’s CFC Targhee Superbulky Handspun in color Fig (natural dyed with madder root).  I think I used 9 skeins – I lost count – of 60 yds/ea.

The pattern is Knitting Pure & Simple’s weekend neck down pullover.  This is a very simply written pattern, as the name implies, and isn’t very helpful or well-written – which particularly makes it not worth the $7.00 price tag.  Nonetheless, it worked adequately for what I had in mind.

superbulky fig yarn

I used US 17s for the body and US 15s for the neck and sleeves and knit size small (42″).

Will I ever wear it?  I’ll have to wait until next winter to see . . .

superbulky fig 3

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