Pink Memories


Another simple yet beautiful and well-written pattern from the amazing Isabell Kraemer . . . and a new (to me) yarn, ecologically and minimally processed in France.

Pattern:  Pink Memories

Yarn:  Polo&Co Alpaga (80% alpaca / 20% wool) – MC Llingerie (3 skeins @ 290 yds/ea) and CC Nude (1 skein)

Needles:  US 5s (I had to go down one size to get gauge)

Size:  M1 (39″)

Pink memories 2

I counted on the yarn stretching quite a bit during wet blocking, because of the percentage of alpaca – while it did, I still think I would have liked to have knit the body an inch or two longer.  Otherwise, it’s a good fit – not at all oversized, I could have gone up one size if I wanted it to  be less fitted and more slouchy, but I’ve been leaning toward less baggy sweaters these days.  I like the very subtle difference in color between the Lingerie (main body of the sweater) and Nude (lower half of the sleeves and inside of the pocket), although I wish there was a little greater difference, because I’m not sure you can even really see that there are two different colors being used 🙂

Pink memories 3

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2 comments on “Pink Memories

  1. What a lovely knit. The colour is perfect with the pattern. Do you find the alpaca itchy at all?

    • I don’t find it itchy, but I think because I love “sheepy” wool, my tolerance for scratchy fabric is pretty high – I can see how others might find it a little itchy. I think the solution would be to go up one size, and then wear a shirt under it – that’s how the designer models it, and it looks really nice 🙂

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