Crocheted summer slides

crocheted summer slides 7

This is a great project idea from Wool & the Gang – you order the kit and it comes with everything you need to make these very cool slides!  I don’t crochet at all, so I wasn’t sure at first if I could manage it, but Wool & the Gang also has a complete step-by-step video tutorial – I followed it the entire way through, and I didn’t have any problems.

crocheted summer slides 2

The yarn is Mixtape, a ribbon-structure upcycled cotton, and the stitch is very tight – as you can imagine it has to be, in order to make the fabric dense enough to work as the upper on a slide.  As a result, it really tortured my hands, but the pieces you’re crocheting are so small that it doesn’t take too long.

crocheted summer slides 1

I ordered the Mixtape in White Noise, and then used Rit Dyes to experiment with different color schemes.  First, I used a paintbrush to create a spatter effect with three different colors:

crocheted summer slides 3

I loved how it looked, but once it was stitched up, it was very subtle – which doesn’t work well for something worn on your feet.  I figured that for all intents and purposes, it would just look white.  So, back to the drawing board . . . the next time, I used fuchsia Rit Dye – just a little in a tupperware – and swished the yarn around, careful not to let all of it get colored.  When it was stitched up, it had a tie-dye effect – exactly what I was going for.

crocheted summer slides 4

crocheted summer slides 5

I ordered size 8 shoes and they’re a little large – I’d probably go with size 7 the next time around.  Otherwise, the fit seems good and the uppers are stiff and stretchy enough to keep my feet in the shoes.  We’ll see how well they do when I’ve worn them for a while, but for now, they’re the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe!

crocheted summer slides 6

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