Swatching day

Usually I don’t enjoy swatching, but it’s actually fun when I get to experiment with different Woolfolk combinations!  I’m trying to decide which combo to use for the new Birk Cardigan pattern . . .

swatching 1

This is Far (worsted weight) in Colors 01 (cream) and 11 (navy), and Sno (fingering weight) in Color 1+11.  Here’s what the swatches look like:

swatching 2

I think they’re both beautiful, but I’m leaning toward this one for the cardigan:

swatching 3

But then I knit up a swatch (I’m knitting these on US 9s) with this combination – Far in Color 01 and Sno in Color 1+17:

swatching 4

Here’s how it looks knitted up:

swatching 5

I love this one too!  It’s even more beautiful IRL – actually kind of hard to photograph.  Decisions, decisions . . . I’d love some input!

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One comment on “Swatching day

  1. That sweater will be so luxurious knit up in Woolfolk. I like the last two the best…you can’t go wrong with either. If it was for me I would chose the last combo.

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