Birk Cardigan

birk cardigan 1

Oh wow, guys, you are really going to want to knit this one!  This has got to be one of my favorite cardigans of all time . . .

birk cardigan 6

First, start with the yarn:  AMAZING!  It is so incredibly soft, you won’t believe it.  And, this pattern double-strands Far (which is a chainetfte-contruction worsted) and Sno (a more tightly wound fingering), which gives it the perfect texture – loft and spring!

birk cardigan 2

Second, the fit is spot-on – it hangs perfectly, fits across my shoulders perfectly, and I love the length (see below).

Third, since you’re knitting on US 9s, even though it’s a big piece, it goes so quickly, and you’ll love it while you’re knitting it!  The color combinations are endless, and I swatched several before deciding, but I love the more subtle marl and how interesting this makes a neutral look.

birk cardigan 3

Pattern:  Birk Cardigan

Yarn:  Woolfolk Far Color 01 (11 skeins) and Sno Color 01 + 17 (6 skeins)

Needles:  US 8s and US 9s

birk cardigan 7

Size:  36″ (small) – this is a smaller size than I would usually knit, but as the pattern notes, the finished size is larger, and even though I’m typically a bust size 36″, I have plenty of ease with this size.

birk cardigan 4

Mods:  Because I’m not near as tall as the model for this pattern, and I wanted a little more of a conventional fit, I shortened the length by 3″.  This mean that I knit the pocket openings at 7″ from CO, then I knit to 17″ before beginning the V-neck shaping, and I knit to 21″ before dividing front and back.  Perfect!

birk cardigan 5

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