Felted acorns

felted acorns 1

Felted acorns, Brooklyn Tweed-style . . .

felted acorns 2

I took my leftover scraps of Brooklyn Tweed Loft and Shelter yarns, rolled them into balls, tied the balls each into its own “chamber” in the stocking leg of panty hose, and ran them through a hot washing machine with a little bit of detergent. ¬†Amazingly, I had to do it four times – plus a trip through the dryer – before they felted enough.

felted acorns 3

Next, I collected acorn caps from under our oak tree and used a hot glue gun to attach them.  The heathered colors of Brooklyn Tweed yarns are definitely perfect for fall!

felted acorns 4

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  1. I love this idea! WTG Andrea!

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