Kogle pullover


Yarn:  Woolfolk Far – 10 skeins (142 yds/ea) in color O8.  This yarn is absolutely phenomenal – so incredibly soft, you’d swear it was cashmere. It was a pleasure to work with, and although the soft hand does mean that it loosens up a little, that just results in a soft halo that adds to its beauty.  I was surprised at how well it showed off stitch definition, particularly after wet blocking.

Pattern:  Kogle Pullover by Julie Hoover.  This one took longer to knit than I thought it would, although it didn’t feel as if it was going slowly – the stitch pattern isn’t difficult.  I guess it was just a lot of inches to knit 🙂  One thing to keep in mind – you want to be well-versed in reading your stitches before you try this pattern. That’s because you constantly have to adjust to keep the stitch pattern correct as you add or decrease stitches; you can’t just keep following the directions as written.  This is easy to do once you have a few inches knit up, but if you’re uncomfortable with being able to make these kinds of adjustments, this pattern isn’t for you.

Kogle pullover 2

Needles:  US 8s, US 6s and 5s (for ribbing)

Size:  To fit bust 36″ (the pattern lists this as a finished measurement of 40″, which would give me 3-4″ of positive ease, which I’d say is exactly what I got).  I wouldn’t want this to be any bigger; in fact, I was worried that it would stretch during wet blocking, but luckily that didn’t turn out to be the case.  I wonder if it will stretch over time – if so, I’ll probably need to throw it in a hot dryer for a few minutes (or wet block it again) to bring it back to shape.

Kogle pullover 3


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