Glamping with Plucky shawl

Plucky Glamping shawl 2

I picked up this set of “Shooters” at the 2016 Plucky Shindig on Bainbridge Island (“Glamping with Plucky”) last month . . . one of those situations where you buy yarn because you love how the colors look together, and then you try to figure out what to actually knit with it . . . although I just recently finished an On the Spice Market shawl, I chose to use the pattern again because it does such a beautiful job of displaying colors.

Plucky Glamping shawl 1

Pattern:  On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg

Yarn:  Plucky Primo Fingering – Small Batch 018 (MC) and contrast colors Livery, Lake Placid, Rapunzel, and Strut Your Stuff.  The 200-yard skeins were plenty for the contrast colors, but I had to purchase a second, full-size skein of the MC.

Plucky Glamping shawl 3

Needles:  US 4s

Modifications:  Since I had only four contrast colors instead of six, I increased the number of repeats for each color, so that the shawl would come out approximately the same size as provided for in the pattern.

Plucky Glamping shawl 4

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  1. Absolutely stunning! That color combination is the perfect landscape/sea combo.

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