Tov cabled sleeveless tunic

Tov 1

I’m not really sure what to call this piece – the pattern calls it a vest, but I don’t think that really describes it.  I use the word tunic, although that usually means something longer.  It’s a hard piece to define, and I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to like wearing it, but the cabling pattern is exquisite, and the soft, squishy feel and stitch definition of Woolfolk’s Tov was a joy to knit with.

Tov 2

Pattern:  Bue Vest

Yarn:  Woolfolk Tov in color 00 (8 skeins), plus a small amount of Woolfolk Tynd in color 00 (for knitting the armhole facings).

Needles:  US 5s (I had to go down one size to get gauge, which made the fabric really dense – I mean, this is a worsted, maybe even closer to an Aran yarn, with a lot of plies, and on US 5s – or even US 6s – makes for a warm, dense, and relatively heavy fabric.  I think it’s a good think it’s not longer and doesn’t have sleeves!)

Tov 3

Size:  43.5″ (the pattern says this is to fit a 36-38″ bust, which is right in my range – I’d say that the fit is accurate, I probably have at least 6″ of ease.  If I were to knit it again, I’d knit the smaller size, even though it’s supposed to be an oversized fit, just so it wasn’t QUITE so loose fitting).

Tov 4

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