Gone Glamping hat


Gone Glamping hat 2

I knit this hat with the “party favor” mini-skeins we received in our goodie bags at this fall’s Plucky Gone Glamping retreat.  The yarn is Plucky’s Primo Fingering and I had 200 yards each of It’s Not Baroque and Small Batch 020.  I wanted to knit a worsted weight hat, so I knit with the yarn double-stranded, and just barely had enough to finish.

Gone Glamping hat 1

The pattern is Scout by Plucky Knitter, knit on US 5s (ribbing) and US 7s.  It came out perfectly sized – I like it with a lot of slouch to it – but the portions knit in the Small Batch color were very poofy, and I didn’t like how they kind of stood out from the hat, so I wet blocked it.  That solved the poofy problem, but it GREW SO MUCH, even though I was very careful not to stretch it at all!  I mean, this thing doubled in size . . . undeterred, I threw it into the dryer when it was still damp.  It took forty minutes in the dryer at high heat to get it to even a manageable size.  I still think it’s too too slouchy, but at least I can live with it now.

My advice:  don’t block!



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