Plattsburg Pullover

Plattsburg Pullover 1

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try Twig & Horn’s amazing new yarn, Stone Wool . . . and one of the beautiful designs created by Whitney Hayward.  I really love everything about this yarn – it is 100% cormo, single-sourced and it is American-sourced from beginning to end.  The wool comes from two farms in Montana and Wyoming, and it is scoured and milled nearby, then shipped only once to Maine, where it is dyed at Saco River Dyehouse and shipped from their warehouse.  American-produced, small carbon footprint, great soft and squishy cormo feel, beautiful colors . . . what more could you want from a yarn?

Yarn:  Stone Wool in color Tobacco 03 (6 skeins)

Pattern:  Plattsburg Pullover by Whitney Hayward

Needles:  US 7s and US 6s (for ribbing) – I went down one size to get gauge (as always!)

Size:  37 1/2″ – I was a little worried that this would give me no positive ease, but I’m guessing that my gauge is still a little bigger than it should be, because the fit came out perfectly, giving me at least 1-2″ of ease.

Plattsburg Pullover 2

One thing I love about this pattern is that it gives you options – I chose to use Cable Chart A and Center Pattern B.  In hindsight, I’m not happy with my center pattern because I think it detracts from the cables – if I knit this again, I will either use no center pattern, or something very subtle.

I’m working on a sweater design that utilizes all three shades of a color family:  for instance, Tobacco comes in Shades 01, 02, and 03, and they look spectacular when they’re all together!  I want to be able to showcase all three shades in a way other than the small sampling you get from fair isle, but I’m trying to avoid straight-up stripes.  I have an idea . . . we’ll see how it pans out.

Plattsburg Pullover 3

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