Watkins Cardigan in Brooklyn Tweed browns and blue

Watkins 1

I love how my second Watkins turned out even better than my first.  Double-stranded Brooklyn Tweed Shelter is pretty dead-on in terms of gauge, and once it’s wet-blocked, the stitches smooth out and it feels lofty and cozy at the same time.  I think I like the color combinations and the feel of the fabric knitted up in Brooklyn Tweed even better than in Puffin!

Watkins 2

Pattern:  Watkins by Whitney Hayward

Yarn:  Brooklyn Tweed Shelter (held double-stranded throughout) – MC Fossil (10 skeins) and CCs Tartan, Barn Owl, and Pumpernickel (2 skeins ea)

Needles:  US 10s (ribbing), US 11s (body), and US 13s (colorwork)

Size:  41 1/4″

Watkins 3

Before blocking, the cardigan fit nearly perfect; after it was blocked, it felt a little large all over, even though I was very careful not to let it stretch when it was wet.  When it was still barely damp, I tossed it in a hot dryer for approximately 15 minutes – this helped tighten up all of the stitches and shrunk it enough to get a better fit.  The sleeves are still too long, requiring that I cuff them, and I could have gone for just a little smaller in terms of length, but overall, I like the fit.  If I were to knit it again in BT, I’d probably go one size smaller, although the size jumps are so big that I’d be a little nervous doing so . . . however, BT can really stretch when blocked, so that would probably allow me to adjust if it came out a little too tight-fitting.

Watkins 4

The one pattern edit I would really like to make is to add pockets – my hands keep reaching for them whenever I wear the cardigan 🙂  I just can’t figure out how I would do it and not mess up the look of the colorwork . . . it would be easy enough to knit up after-the-fact patch pockets, but if they were knit in one color, they’d ruin the colorwork, and I’m not sure I could knit them so that they matched perfectly the colorwork they’d be covering.  Any ideas out there?

Watkins 5

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2 comments on “Watkins Cardigan in Brooklyn Tweed browns and blue

  1. Gorgeous, Andrea!

    I’m planning on knitting a West Coast cardigan, and it has you knit pocket flaps in the colorwork, then go back to the body and knit down, and connect the flaps with a few stitches overlapping and continue knitting. Then you knit linings. Maybe an idea?

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