Sewing up a batch of fabric bins

kitty cat bins 1

This is what happens when I impulse-buy fabric . . . I have to find some use for it 🙂  I’ve been working on creating some new fabric patterns, so I took the weekend to play around with different sizes and shapes of fabric bins.

sheep bin 1

I experimented with different weights of living fabric – quilting cotton for the sheep bin, heavier duck canvas for the kitty cat bins.

kitty cat bins 2

All of the bins are stabilized with a heavy craft-weight interfacing, but I added Annie’s Soft and Stable to the sheep bin – it did make it quite a bit thicker, but it was like interfacing it with quilt batting, instead of a stiffener.  The result was added thickness, but not much more of a stabilized shape.  Plus, I found it really difficult to work with – probably because it isn’t fusible, and it is extremely thick.  I preferred using the canvas lining to add stability to the shape of the bins.

sheep bin 2

The sheep bin is the perfect size and shape for a sweater’s worth of yarn skeins in my queue, and the kitty cat bins found a home on my cat-loving daughter’s desk, to hold all of her small treasures.

kitty cat bins 3

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2 comments on “Sewing up a batch of fabric bins

  1. I love the material you choose! Those sheep are lovely and so are the cats. Great work!

  2. These are great! Perfect for knitting projects 🙂

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