Alfalfa cardigan

Alfalfa cardigan 1

This was a test knit for the amazing Thea Coleman of Baby Cocktails – it is the most challenging of a set of three patterns, and it does not go quickly, but the FO is stunning!  Stone Wool is the perfect yarn for this pattern because of its squishy yet structured texture – it really shows off the honeycomb stitch and makes this cardigan both snuggly and light.  If you’re looking to push your knitting skills to the next level and end up with a cardigan you’ll wear to death and love for years, I recommend this one 🙂

Alfalfa cardigan 2

Pattern:  Vodka with a Twist

Yarn:  Stone Woo Cormo in colorway Alfalfa 02 (8 skeins)

Alfalfa cardigan 3

Needles:  US 7s and US 8s

Size:  40″ – this would usually be a little large for me, but I got exactly the fit I was looking for – not oversized at all, just comfy, with good front coverage.

Alfalfa cardigan 4

Alfalfa cardigan 5

Alfalfa cardigan 6

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