Plucky Pinks cowl

Plucky Pinks cowl 1

The perfect project for leftovers!

Pattern:  Shoreline Cowl by Shannon Cook

Yarn:  Plucky Snug Worsted leftovers from this project, knit double-stranded – colors are Twill, Punchy, Pink Champagne, Before You Go Go, and Tiny Bubbles

Needles:  US 10 1/2s

Plucky Pinks cowl 2

I didn’t follow the pattern exactly, since I was working with differing amounts of each color, and more colors than the pattern called for, but it’s substantially similar in style and length.

Plucky Pinks cowl 3

I don’t often need a cowl this big and cozy around my neck during Oregon winters, but it is so snuggly soft!

Plucky Pinks cowl 4

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