Knitting with Company

I traveled through Seattle this weekend on my way to Bainbridge Island for the Knitting with Company retreat at Islandwood.  As always, the Puget Sound scenery was stunning!

Seattle 1

The view from my room at Inn at the Market – a perfect vantage point to watch the ferries go by Park Place Market, the Seattle Aquarium, and the waterfront ferris wheel.

Seattle 2

My favorite boutique hotel, right in the heart of downtown Seattle – and they leave Seattle Chocolates on your pillow!

Seattle 3

Tulip season in the Skagit Valley was in full swing, and Pike Place Market was full of them.

Seattle 4

Seattle 5

Fresh fish at Pike Place Market . . . and fresh squid?!

Seattle 6

Dinner at Etta’s Seafood was delicious, particularly the sour cherry and almond crisp with cheesecake ice cream.

Seattle 7

The rain held off until nighttime, when it was lovely to watch it from my hotel window.

Bainbridge 1

In the morning, I took the ferry to Bainbridge Island – 35 minutes of pure bliss on the water 🙂

Bainbridge 2

The views from the south end of Bainbridge are absolutely incredible – one morning at sunrise, Mt. Rainier was big as life and there was a steady stream of sea lions porpoising by (you can see one in this photo – the dark squiggly line in the foreground).

Bainbridge 3

Sunrise during my morning run through Ft. Ward state park and the south beach of Bainbridge.

Bainbridge 5

Local wildlife – the indigenous banana slug, Islandwood’s official mascot.

Bainbridge 6

During my run the next morning, a bald eagle flew RIGHT OVER my head and landed in the tree right in front of me – he (or she?) was huge, and even 50-75 feet up, could be seen clear as day.

Bainbridge 7

The next morning, the Olympics made a stunning appearance, as viewed from the beach on the southern end of Bainbridge.


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