Spring 2017 in my garden

It has been one of the wettest winters and springs on record here in Oregon, and spring is very slow to arrive.  I’m told that the plants are all close to a month behind their regular schedule.  So, when we have a day when the sun peeks out and the flowers start to bloom, I grab my camera and run outside!

spring blooms 2017

The cold made my anemones really stunted, but I managed to scavenge just a few beautiful blooms.



The rhododendron bloom season is just beginning – very late, it’s usually in full swing by mid-April.  This is always one of the first bushes on my property to bloom.



I grow a few bleeding hearts, in both white and pink, the in shady recesses of my front porch – I love the old-fashioned look and feel of this plant.


Dogwoods are notoriously finicky in our climate, and mine never lives up to its full potential, but even a few faded flowers are glorious.  I love how the native azalea (below) is color coordinated with its neighboring dogwood tree.



The lilac blooms are also few and far between this spring, but even a few branches make the entire house smell so wonderful!


This is the last of my flowering cherry trees to bloom – I have close to 50 trees of differing varieties on the property, which gives me close to an entire month of bloom time 🙂



Creeping phlox creates a glorious carpet of color.


The native azaleas bloom in an amazing array of oranges, reds, yellow,s and golds, and they smell so sweet, and so unlike any other flower in my garden.

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