Petticoat lace cardigan

Lace petticoat cardigan 1

This one took a while, but I’m happy with the results and I like how it’s different than most of my other cardigans.  It should be perfect to wear in spring/summer – my next task is to sew a pencil skirt to wear with it.  I like the color better than in the pictures – it’s a really difficult color to photograph!

Lace petticoat cardigan 2

Pattern:  Lake Effect

Yarn:  Plucky Lodge Fingering (60% merino / 20% cotton / 10% silk / 10% flax) – 3 skeins (430 yds/ea) in color Petticoat

Needles:  US 4s and US 2s (for ribbing)

Size:  38 1/2″

Mods:  I stopped the sleeve decreases at 60 sts – I think if I’d gone down to the 48 sts called for in the pattern, I would have barely been able to get my arms through!

Lace petticoat cardigan 3

I liked the lace pattern used for the sweater, and it kept the knitting interesting, although I would add that you have to really be able to read your stitches and understand how the lace pattern works, because as you do the decreases throughout the pattern, it messes up your count and you have to adapt to keep the lace pattern consistent.  I found this particularly hard when doing the short rows for the sleeve caps.

I love how the color takes on this yarn base, and how it feels – light and not too soft or wooly, it’s the perfect spring/summer yarn.

Lace petticoat cardigan 4

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  1. This cardigan turned out beautifully. I knit this same pattern a while back and I wear it a lot.

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