Traveling to Alaska


My family just returned from a quick summer trip to southeast Alaska – just a few days up and back.  While I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled with Wrangell, the town we stayed in, we did go on two great excursions:  to see the LeConte glacier, and to the Anan Bear Observatory.  It felt very big, and beautiful, and there were amazingly few people around, even during prime tourist season.  I’m sure it helped that we avoided Ketchikan and anywhere else where cruise ships come into port . . .

In some ways, it felt like we didn’t see much wildlife – I had been hoping for moose, sea otters, and humpback whales, but the passages we traveled in were too shallow (for the whales, that is), and this part of the country is so big, it’s hard to predict where wildlife might be found at any given moment in time.  We did see salmon headed upstream to spawn and the bears that were eating them at the Observatory, as well as so many bald eagles that I lost count, and there were multitudes of harbor seals out on the ice floes at the glacier.










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