Silky Summer PJs

silky summer PJs 1

I love the fabric I used for these PJs – found when I stumbled into the world’s greatest fabric store tucked away in the small coastal Maine town of Belfast.  The store is Fiddlehead Artisan Supply, and along with so many other things, it has an amazing selection of apparel fabric.  The teal PJ bottoms are sewn from 2 yards of Radiance (color Slate) and the top is sewn from .75 yards of Radiance (color Sage).  The orange-hued floral PJs are sewn from 2.5 yards of Voile (color Rose) and 1 yard of Woodland Clearing (color Ivory).  The fabrics are voile, lawn, and a wonderful silk/cotton blend that washes up beautifully.  They do wrinkle a lot, but I think of it as “beautiful wrinkles” (kind of like linen 🙂


summer silky PJs 2

The pattern, however, I really didn’t like at all.  It’s called Night Garden Pajama Set, and I sewed sizes small (teal PJs) and large (floral PJs).  I skipped a lot of the design “extras” (like pockets) and kept them very simple, but the basic shape of the jammies didn’t fit well – particularly the pants.  First, the pant legs are wide – I mean, fit-two-people-in-a-single-leg wide.  They’re so wide that they make it difficult to walk.  Then strangely enough, the waistband rides very low, making your tummy stick out and the fit tight in the crotch – two things you don’t want in pajamas!  I had to alter the waistband substantially just to get it to fit, even on my on-the-skinny-side youngest daughter.


summer silky PJs 3

I didn’t use the adjustable straps part of the pattern – it seemed overly complicated for my purposes, and instead I just sized the straps on each of the intended recipients of the PJs.  They’ll be comfortable enough, I suppose, nice and lightweight for summer sleeping, but I have to say that I wouldn’t use this pattern again.

silky summer PJs 4

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