Ella Blue jumper

Ella Blue jumper 1

This is one of my favorite sewing projects to date 🙂  Cute and comfortable to wear, good in all types of weather, and different from anything in my closet!  The secret is the fabric – perfect drape, some heft but without any of the stiffness that you’d get from quilting cotton, and a little slubby texture, to top it all off.

Ella Blue jumper 2

I wasn’t sure that the jumper would look good on me – it’s very shapeless and basic (which is what makes it easy to sew).  I did decide to take the seams in at the waist for a little shaping, and I hemmed it well above the knee, so that it looks more like a jumper than a dress – I think that’s the key to counterbalancing the shape.

Ella Blue jumper 3

I was going to use some fun contrasting bias tape, but I ended up using the same fabric as the dress – glad I did, it is lightweight enough that it didn’t add any bulk, and it blends in so I don’t have to worry if my bias tape isn’t perfectly ironed under and sewn down 🙂

Ella Blue jumper 4

Pattern:  100 Acts of Sewing Dress No. 1
Size:  Medium (38″)
Fabric:  Ella Blue Outback Wife yarn dye blue from Fiddlehead Artisan Supply (I bought 4.63 yards but only ended up using about half of that – plenty left over for a shirt!)

Ella Blue jumper 5

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2 comments on “Ella Blue jumper

  1. That’s really cute, and looks good on you. Agree about the waist shaping and the length. Better than looking like a sack!

  2. You always sew things that I would love to wear. Maybe this winter I will focus on improving my sewing skills so I can sew such pretty patterns.

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