Lake Michigan beach pebbles

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While traveling around Lake Michigan for interviews and photographs for By Hand’s upcoming Lookbook No. 5, I took a little time to hunt for beach pebbles along the lake’s shore.  I came home with a pocketful of rocks, not sure what to do with them.  I didn’t want to just leave them, forgotten and dusty, in a jar on the windowsill . . . so I contacted Michigan jeweler Liz Saile, who creates jewelry from native Michigan stone, including stitch markers for LYS Wool & Honey.  I sent her my rocks, and she polished them up and set them for me.  I love what she did, and now I can enjoy them every day!

rocks 1

This “rock” is actually a piece of coral; Liz created a minimalistic pendant setting that holds it securely, yet still shows off as much of the piece as possible.

rocks 2

These rocks are Leland Blues – read about them here, it’s a fascinating origin story, and they can only be found in Leelanau County along the shores of Lake Michigan.  Liz created jump hoops for them – I could now string them on a necklace or bracelet, or use them as stitch markers.

rocks 3

These final two are small pieces of quartz, that polished up beautifully.

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  1. What a cool idea…looks great!

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