Cashmere shawl for fall

Cashmere shawl 1

My first time working with Plucky Groovy, Baby! . . . interesting construction, with a lot of spiral and twist to the yarn.  It takes color beautifully, but I think I like Plucky Cashmere better – it’s definitely softer (even though this yarn is also 100% cashmere).

Pattern:  Imposter’s Shawl

Yarn:  Plucky Groovy, Baby! (100% cashmere) – 1.5 skeins (380 yds/ea) in color Livery

Needles:  US 8s

cashmere shawl 2

Notes:  Since this is a fingering weight yarn, I knit with yarn doubled.  I completed the number of repeats as specified by the pattern, but didn’t do the edging as called for the in the pattern; I found the directions confusing, unfortunately.  Instead, I just picked up all of the yarn-overs along the edge, then used a K1, KPK repeat, and then bound off.  I like the effect just as well, and the difference is hardly noticeable when wearing the shawl.  The color IRL is a darker purple in most light – it looks deeper and more interesting than it does in the photos.

This is great size and shape of shawl for wearing here in Oregon, where it doesn’t often get cold enough that you want something really warm – like cashmere – wrapped too many times around your neck.  It’s big enough to keep you warm, but not so big as to make you feel like you’re drowning in it.

cashmere shawl 3

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