Dockside Cardigan

Dockside cardigan 1

I pulled together a customized pattern to showcase these gorgeous yarns – it incorporates some pieces of Albini Cardigan and some of the color scheme of BlueSand Cardigan.  The yarn is a merino, silk and yak blend, and you cannot believe how silky soft it feels!  And, I love how it takes color . . . because it’s so soft, I think it’s likely going to pill, but I’m okay with that 🙂  The merino helps give it some structure, but it still has a great deal of drape, so I wanted a project that wasn’t likely to stretch out of shape or try to show off a lot of texture.

Dockside cardigan 2

Dockside cardigan 3

This cardigan differs from most that I’ve been knitting lately — closer fitting, not overly long or oversized.  I like the close fit and the fact that the crewneck means I don’t have to wear anything under it.

Yarn:  Nice & Knit DK Luxe (65/20/15% merino/silk/yak) – 3 skeins Harpoon, 2 skeins Hazy Skies, 1 skein Dockside

Needles:  US 6s

Size:  Knit to approx. 39″ (about 2″ of positive ease)

Dockside cardigan 4

Dockside cardigan 5


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