New Year’s Mitts

New Year's Mitts 1

Pattern:  New Year’s Mitts by YOTH Yarns

Yarns:  One skein of YOTH Daughter Mini (Natural Vanilla) and two skeins of Spincycle Dyed in the Wool (Truth Bomb) (knit double-stranded through) – I bought the “Puppies” set of YOTH Daughter Mini + two skeins of Spincycle wound together

New Year's Mitts 2

Needles:  US 8s (the pattern also called for US 9s for the cuff, but I didn’t have this size in dpns, and it didn’t seem to negatively affect the fit around the cuff to use US 8s

Size:  Smaller of the two sizes

New Year's Mitts 3

Notes:  The fit is good around the wrist, but a little too snug around the palm of the hand and there isn’t a lot of give (probably because of the stitch pattern).  I had to cast off tightly to give a snug fit around the opening at the fingers.  I’d like to increase the size around the palm a little, without changing the fit around the wrist or fingertips.

New Year's Mitts 4

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