Walk in the Woods pullover: the blues version



My third time knitting this pattern – I love it in every color!  This time I tried a different yarn combo:

Pattern:  Walk in the Woods pullover

Yarns:  Camilla Vad Lambswool (color Tordenbla) (5 skeins @ 50g/ea) and Isager Silk Mohair (color 47) (5 skeins)

Size:  39″

Needles:  US 5s (I had to go down one size to get gauge)








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3 comments on “Walk in the Woods pullover: the blues version

  1. I just bought the pattern and yarn last night to make the charcoal version. I love the simplicity of this design. I discovered this winter that I need more pullovers, having worn the same 3 in rotation all season. This one ticks all the boxes. I’ve always wanted a sweater the color and texture of the charcoal one!

  2. Where can I find Camilla Vlad yarn for sale? Couldn’t navigate the website nor find information in English. Thank you.

    • The only place I’ve found Camilla Vad yarn is on their website (and on other dutch yarn store websites). It’s a little difficult to navigate, but you can get Google to translate it into English for you. If you follow Camilla Vad on Instagram, you’ll get notified when she has shop updates, which is when it’s easiest to find the color and amount of the yarn you need 🙂

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