Strawberry Lemonade pullover


Yarn:  tot le matin yarns – Tot Twist (100% superwash merino) (365m/ea) – one skein each of Jus de Fraise, Tutti Frutti, Hermosa, Orge, Golden, and Oyat – knit with yarn doubled throughout.

Pattern:  I used my Bantam Hoodie pattern and knit a ribbed neckline instead of a hood.

Size:  37″

Needles:  US 6s

I love how this one turned out – it’s truly reversible and looks great on both sides, but right now, I’m wearing it “inside out,” so the reverse stockinette side shows.  The fade is so beautifully done throughout the yarns that even on the “right” (stockinette) side, it blends slowly and doesn’t show any jumps or stripes.  It took well over a month for this yarn to travel to me from France, but it was definitely worth it!


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