Wax & Wool Pincushions

I love hand-poured candles and local, small-batch honey – two small indulgences that support artisans and add a little special touch to every day.  As a result, I end up with a lot of leftover glass jars – too lovely to recycle, but by now, taking up a lot of storage room!  Sometimes, I pour my own candles and gift them as gifts to friends and family, but I much prefer buying the beautiful fragrances from Wax & Wool 🙂

My newest creation is a “triple threat” recycle project:  it uses up leftover bits of yarn, scrap pieces of felted wool, and all of the pretty jars I’ve been collecting.  The pincushions are both beautiful and functional, and truly embrace “wax & wool,” since the jars come from candles (soy wax) or honey (beeswax), the covering is felted wool, and the stuffing inside is wool fiber.  I had fun trying to match the yarn and felted wool colors to the names of the honey or the candle scents 🙂  Each is unique, and they make special gifts for sewists, crafters, and makers of all kinds.

This pincushion was inspired by an upcoming project in By Hand Serial Lookbook No. 7, due out late September, so if you’d like to learn how they’re made and how you can make one of your own, check out Issue #7!

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