Summer Travels: Banff National Park and Lake Louise

We recently traveled to Banff National Park for our summer family vacation, and stayed at the Fairmont on Lake Louise – it was every bit as stunningly beautiful as I’ve heard! ┬áMost of our time was spent hiking around Lake Louise (and photographing it at all times of day, because each time you see it, it seems more beautiful than before ­čÖé

This short hike took us up to a viewpoint above Peyto Lake, along the Icefields Parkway.  The turquoise blue color, from glacial run-off, is so stunning, it struck me anew every time I saw it and I could have sat here for hours.

You can see the Victoria Glacier, which feeds the lake and causes its bright turquoise color.

A lone canoe out at dusk

The Fairmont, seen from the far end of the lake

Canoeing on the lake at sunset

The view from the top of the Lake Louise Gondola, looking down at the Fairmont and Lake Louise

The top of the Agnes Lake hike


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One comment on “Summer Travels: Banff National Park and Lake Louise

  1. Gorgeous photos. It is one of our most beautiful parts of Canada. Love it there.

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